Cameren Martinez first began his artistic career as a jazz, latin, and rock drummer. He's had the privilege of playing with artists such as; Tower Of Power lead trumpet players, Jesse McGuire and Mic Gillette; and Count Basie Orchestra vocalist, Dennis Rowland; and many others. He's also performed at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ on multiple occasions; in Las Vegas, NV; Reno, NV; and New York City.

Along with writing and performing his own music, Cameren served as the drummer and a song arranger for the renowned Norton Hall Band and traveled extensively with them throughout the midwest (N.H.B. is based out of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary).

Cameren's music education beyond drums has been shaped and formed by the music departments of Glendale Community College (Glendale, AZ), and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY).

In addition to writing, arranging, and performing music, Cameren is an accomplished photographer who enjoys collaborating with local businesses and other creatives to help create a more cohesive image for their brand or special projects. He's had the pleasure of shooting photos for the popular Blue Dog Bakery & Café (Louisville, KY), and in articles for Food Network, and USA Today Eats.


Contact Cameren to discuss your musical project, artistic project, or any other creative project you're working on that you might like to collaborate on!